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This article is from the archive of our partner. So, Justin Timberlake became the first person in the modern era to join the Five-Timers Club last night, both in the records books and in the fictional sketch world of Saturday Night Live. They brought out all the stops for the occasion, including old friends like The Three Amigos?! Yes, Timberlake is first person to join the legitimate Five-Timers Club since Drew Barrymore of all people logged her fifth appearance back in Is it a coincidence it’s been five years since someone joined the Five-Timers Club? Well, yes, but as we predicted they decided to do an official sequel to the classic sketch that immortalized the group forever:.

A Thin Line

The below list is in no way exhaustive as there are far too many examples of Justin Timberlake being a complete troll, whether about Britney or just in general:. But at that time, you know, I fought back, and that’s the way I fought back. I used my mind.

Rate movies and TV shows Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake () Poster The first sketch was a celebrity family feud and although it wasn’t a very memorable one, just seeing jt and Jimmy trying their hardest not to laugh Release Date.

Justin Timberlake returned to Saturday Night Live this week, but he wasn’t the only familiar face making a comeback. Here are some of the best moments from the show:. Remember when Justin Timberlake had curls? Check out the most dramatic celebrity makeovers. Fortunately he has SNL vet Steve Martin to show him around, and Alec Baldwin to explain that one of the favorite pastimes for the Five Timers is making the other cast members fight each other, Django Unchained -style.

Poor Bobby Moynihan ‘s character doesn’t stand a chance. Apparently his long hiatus was because he took a writing job on Smash makes sense.

Timberlake replies to Kanye on SNL

In a bohemian production filmed from cast-members houses, “SNL” entered this strange new era of entertainment with a few misfires, but enough hits to keep us laughing. And now for something completely different. After a month away thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic, “Saturday Night Live At Home” decided to jump into the fray of alternative production to try and bring back some semblance of what they do to the American public.

Instead, the night kicked off with the entire cast converging in a Zoom conference call before a new intro featured the band members all performing from their respective homes, and new footage of the cast in their homes to set the stage for something we’ve never seen before. Tom Hanks was the surprise host — with Chris Martin as musical guest — to help ease us into this unusual new format, though he obviously wasn’t guest-starring in sketches throughout the night.

Channing Tatum and Jimmy Fallon: EW skit from Jimmy’s ng tatum, even lol snl skit with timberlake Justin Timberlake Beyonce, Snl Skits, Dating.

Justin Randall Timberlake born January 31, , occasionally known by his initials JT , [1] is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. In the late s, Timberlake rose to prominence as one of the two lead vocalists and youngest member of NSYNC , which eventually became one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. Another single from the album, ” Rock Your Body “, was also successful. Comes Around “. Established as a solo artist worldwide, his first two albums both exceeded sales of 10 million copies, and he continued producing records and collaborating with other artists.

From through , Timberlake focused on his acting career, effectively putting his music career on hiatus. For his live performances , including the eponymous concert tour for the albums, he began performing with his band The Tennessee Kids, composed by instrumentalists and dancers. His fifth studio album Man of the Woods became his fourth number-one album in the US. Supported by the two top ten singles, ” Filthy ” and ” Say Something “, it concluded as the sixth best-selling album of the year.

Episode 13:

Our favorite ‘ SNL ‘ host returns! Justin Timberlake hosts and is the musical guest! How often do hosts show up in the opening skit? Timberlake does a goofy, cartoonish Elton John impression, but it’s his dedication to the character and his charisma that sell the hell out of it. Timberlake is seriously one of the best hosts in this show’s history, and this is a pretty exciting opening.

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Share Quarantine Remix, The first perfect quarantine sketch of the night, this was a dating game show.

Back in , the MMC was the place to be! That’s where Justin Timberlake sang and danced alongside the likes of J. Fellow former MMC -er J. They sang, they danced and they dressed in matching sweatsuits every chance they got. It didn’t take Justin long to start developing his own signature style, though. The curls! The tinted shades!

That chain! All so quintessential J. Justin kicked off an acting career starred opposite Maggie Lawson and Kathie Lee Gifford as Jason Sharpe, a male model with hopes of someday becoming an astronomer. This was when Justin and then-girlfriend Britney Spears rocked matching double denim! Just before the start of the fifth month every calendar year, the Internet collectively memes Justin’s pronunciation of this “It’s Gonna Be Me” line.

Justin Timberlake’s Fifth ‘Saturday Night Live’ Was a Trip Down Memory Lane

Night, later in on saturday night live dating saturday night live. The best part about them. Sketches, fey would snl been circulating for a writer and actresses to find out more information about a whirlwind romance!

Justin Timberlake’s fifth time hosting “Saturday Night Live” went just like all the other four: AMAZING. Here are a few of our fave moments from Saturday’s show J.T.’s “Veganville” skit was hilarious as always, and he kind of had a point​! Although (15)digital abuse · (3)digital dating abuse · (1)internet · (5)Draw Your Line.

By Dan Good. Timberlake has been the most memorable show host over the past decade, donning ridiculous suits, singing falsetto and gift-wrapping his unmentionables during some of his most famous segments. Those talents were on display Saturday. During his monologue, the suit-and-tie clad performer showed his golden Five-Timers Club card, then left the stage to enter the secret lounge. After donning a smoking jacket Timberlake bumped into Simon, who momentarily dozed off before chit-chatting with JT.

Aykroyd played the bartender — the best he could do since he only hosted SNL once, Martin explained. The others brushed it off. The juxtaposition of partners bridged the SNL of yesterday and today, showing how the goals and humor are pretty much the same as they were 35 years ago. Sure, the show has had its down points … and sure, the criticisms seem louder lately.

But at its best, when stars such as Timberlake are leading the way, SNL remains viable and memorable and fresh and exciting, the way it was this weekend. Veganville used songs and jabs to challenge a sausage salesman Bobby Moynihan.

March 9, 2013

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It was hosted by Justin Timberlake who was also the musical guest and The Tales of Sober Caligula; Maine Justice (Show); She’s got a D!%k Aykroyd and Martin also appear in the “It’s a Date” sketch reprising their.

By Bianca Carneiro. He can sing, he can act and he can dance — is there anything Justin Timberlake can’t do? The former ‘N Sync member made his many talents the focal point of his fifth appearance on Saturday Night Live as both the host and musical guest. The Social Network actor won four Primetime Emmys for his previous appearances on Saturday Night Live and continues to be a fan favourite. But before the audience could get a glimpse at their hunky host, the show opened up into the Spanish language memorial for Venezualan President Hugo Chavez, who passed away on Wednesday after battling cancer.

Without skipping a beat, Fred Armisen, who returned for his 11th season this fall, eulogized the former president in a Spanish language speech that was dubbed over in English by a friendly female voice. Candle in the wind: Justin dressed as Elton John to sing a tune for the former president, who passed away on Wednesday. But the cap of the tearful event was a performance by Elton John, whose Candle in Wind memorialised both Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana after their tragic passing.

For his first try at comedy, Justin changed into a garish blue sequinned jacket and threw on a red-haired wig and tinted glasses to play his buddy Elton. It’s not the first time Justin has played a likeness of the legendary singer — he modelled himself as a young version of Elton in the music video This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore. Practice paid off for Justin, who drew a heavy heap of laughter from the audience.

Eager to join: The year-old left his monologue to take a peek inside the club. And with just one minute into the programme, Justin was already putting on his second hat as musical guest, singing a song with lyrics he said came from research on the ‘complex’ South American leader. To the tune of Candle in the Wind, Justin eulogized the president as a man with ‘panache’ who ‘liked to wear a sash.

Justin Timberlake

Despite never having been a Saturday Night Live cast member, Steve Martin is synonymous with the sketch show. Comedians know how to take turns, and most importantly, give other people the chance to steal the scene. You have to wonder if, when Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd first donned their matching hats, plaid pants, and perfected their Czech accent, they knew they were creating iconic characters.

They misuse American pop culture catch phrases and attempt to woo women, all while rocking a gold chain and wiggling around. The audience still lost their minds when the wild and crazy guys showed up.

Check out SNL’s sketch below, featuring Andy Samberg, Dan and Emmy Award-winning Justin Timberlake returned to NBC’S SNL last night, Times noted on the occasion of the show’s Emmy-winning 25th Anniversary.

Harry has performed on SNL before, but for the first time the singer did double duty, serving as both host and musical guest on the episode. When Justin Timberlake first hosted the show back in , the appearance changed the trajectory of his career. Who knew the ex-boybander was so funny? For awhile, Justin abandoned his singing career entirely for the silver screen. Hysterical at times. He employed accents, from American southern to fake Icelandic.

His timing was impressive! Harry had issues with his in-ears. I think they became unplugged? See his arm on the right? He kept reaching around, attempting to fix something. I immediately thought the worst and then laughed out loud when I clicked on it.

The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Justin Timberlake

The song originated from Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels , who asked Samberg to write a track to showcase Timberlake’s singing abilities. After being screened by NBC executives for content, the short debuted less than a few hours later. In its original network airing, the word “dick”, a recurring word in the chorus, was bleeped 16 times. It received a very favorable audience and critical reception.

The music video portrays two balladeers played by Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake aka ” AM,” [2] singing about giving Christmas gifts to their sweethearts played by Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig.

Justin Timberlake’s performance in this Target Lady sketch was the finest ON THIS DATE: Saturday Night Live, “Justin Timberlake / Ciara” [Watch Gibb Talk Shows, Justin’s performance as Classic Peg in this Target Lady.

See our picks list. Title: Justin Timberlake 09 Mar Check out these selected sketches and segments from each of this season’s episodes, so you can make every night a Saturday Night. Written by Anonymous. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors’ favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Sign In.

Today in TV History: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Went to Target with Classic Peg

Some celebrities have yet to host Saturday Night Live , while others have hosted more than their fair share of times. As a former cast member and head writer for the show, Fey went on to create, write for, and even star in award-winning shows, 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Bill Murray is yet another former cast member who returned to host on the SNL stage five times over the years. He was a cast member from to , and his first return back as a host was in Candace Bergen is a trailblazer for this show that has often lacked in female representation.

She hosted the fourth ever episode, during its first season in

Dirk Ellington (Bill Hader) hosts this dating show where a woman. videos Play all Popular Saturday Night Live & Justin Timberlake videos The thirty-​fourth season of Saturday Night Live, an American sketch comedy series, originally.

See the gallery. There has been a lot of ups and downs this season for snl. But that’s not a huge negative because this happens nearly every season. But it seems like whenever it comes around holiday times, this is when snl takes full advantage to leave it’s live audience members in gut wrenching, warm feeling humor. Tonight was no exception. Jimmy Fallon returned to host this week with musical guest Jt. Already the first segment set up for a fan favorite and you knew that this night would be star studded and nostalgic in its own self indulgent, but quite entertaining way.

The first sketch was a celebrity family feud and although it wasn’t a very memorable one, just seeing jt and Jimmy trying their hardest not to laugh reminds you of the good days of Horatio and Jimmy always busting up.

Motherlover (feat. Justin Timberlake)